Sunday, January 31, 2010


finally edited this template. this is an old artwork, waiting for some inspiration to hit me before I do a new header, this will do for now. hehe

mogwai with polly

tambay mode with polly at mogwai cubao.
3 bottles of redhorse, brownies as pulutan.
may humabol pang tokwat baboy na para sa kabilang table pala.
there was a lot of catching up to do last tambay with polly was way back september last year ba? talked about life, talked about work, talked about ghost of boyfriends and girlfriends past, talked about music, talked about movies, talked about art, talked about parkour, talked about summer plans. talked about almost everything.

cheers! til next tambay session.

Friday, January 29, 2010



excited for the weekend. finally after slaving away for 5 days in a 11 hour shift. its the weekend once again. yahoo! and its also a payday weekend so hello booze, hello foodtripping.

starting from scratch...

this is a new blog. and im excited. can't wait to write away my thoughts. and share some of my art. and blah about whats happening around me. 

remind myself...

im going to megamall later to meet mel and polly. remind myself to buy keyboards and my psp adaptor in st.francis. i just hope i'll wake up on time and not tomorrow. 

well its time to go home and switch to weekend mode. yahoo!